Tip 3 : Implementing User Account Control-type protection in Windows XP

Implementing User Account Control-type
protection in Windows XP

To protect Windows Vista from malware and
inadvertent disastrous mistakes, Microsoft endowed
the operating system with the User Account Control
(UAC) system. This system requires all users to use
the standard user mode and then prompts for
administrator credentials before performing an
If you like the idea of the UAC system but you're not
ready to upgrade to Windows Vista, you can use
UAC's predecessor in Windows XP: the RunAs
command. Here's how to use Windows XP's version
of UAC:
1. Log in as the Administrator.
2. Launch User Accounts, locate your user account,
and change your account type from Computer
Administrator to a Limited account.
3. Log out of the Administrator account and log back
in with your new Limited account.
4. Whenever you encounter a situation in which you
need administrative credentials, press [Shift] as you
right-click the application's executable file or its icon
and select the RunAs command.
5. When you see the RunAs dialog box, choose The
Following User option to select the Administrator
account and then type in the password.
6. Click OK.
Now you can perform any operation that requires
administrator credentials.

Courtesy : @internet.info