Tip 4 : Use Microsoft Media Player for your Windows XP apps

Use Microsoft Media Player for your Windows
XP apps

Windows XP's original multimedia player, Microsoft
Media Player 5.1, still remains on the operating
system despite various updates. (Windows Media
Player 11 is the most current version of Microsoft's
multimedia player.) While Microsoft Media Player is
pretty basic by today's standards, it still serves a
purpose. Microsoft Media Player can play a number
of multimedia file types, such as AVI, WMA, WMV,
MID, and WAV, so you may want to use it in situations
where you don't need the full power of Windows
Media Player. To use Microsoft Media Player, add it to
the SendTo menu by following these steps:
1. Press [Windows]R to open the Run dialog box.
2. Type SendTo in the Open box and click OK.
3. When the SendTo folder appears, right-click the
folder and select the New | Shortcut command.
4. When the Create Shortcut wizard appears, type
C:\Windows\system32\Mplay32.exe /Play in the text
box and click Next.
5. Name the shortcut Microsoft Media Player and
then click Finish.
Now when you encounter an AVI, WMA, WMV, MID,
or WAV file and you just want to sample it, you can
right-click the file and select the SendTo | Microsoft
Media Player command.

Courtesy : @internet.info