How to install/Enable php_curl Extension On Wamp Server in Windows XP?

I was trying to install StatusNet a micro blogging software on my windows XP pc, but i got an error displaying

Cannot load required extension: curl

To install and run Status Net on my pc curl must be installed/enabled.
When i enable curl extension in wamp server, i was able to install Status Net successfully on my Windows Xp Pc.

How to enable Curl in Wamp Sever on Windows XP ?

To install/enable curl in WAMP go to status bar and right click on WAMP icon and go to PHP -->

PHP Extension and than find and right click on php_curl to enable/install.

Restart WAMP Server after enabling php_curl ?

Now restart all services and try to install Sataus Net again. You should be able to install successfully.

Watch Vudeo How to install/enable Curl in Wamp Sever on Windows XP ?

Hope it will work for you.