25 GB Free online storage from Microsoft

Microsoft provides 25 GB free online storage through Windows Live SkyDrive.

Microsoft has increased the storage capacity of its Windows Live SkyDrive application from 5 GB to 25 GB. The service was launched in beta in February 2008 and is provided as an add-on service to Windows Live consumers with a Hotmail id.

According to the company, SkyDrive allows users to store, share and email any kind of file. The application also allows users to access their stored files from anywhere. “It is like a hard drive in the sky and hence it is named SkyDrive.

It is user-friendly in nature.You can easily drag and drop a file from the computer to the homepage and doesn't need to browse through files to upload the content. Besides, SkyDrive also hosts a 'private folder' where you can store the files which you don't want to share. People in the Windows Live network can also comment on each other’s stored photographs.