How to record desktop activity in animated GIFs ?

If you want to show some demo images to teach people how to do something then animate gif or video screen casts are best option, but video screencast are not always a good option, sometimes you just need to show some small steps, about how to do something and then animated gifs are best choice.

Here is a sample animated gif which shows how to use emmet to make to HTML coding workflow faster.

gifcam, licecap, create record animated gif
Created with LicaCap

if you are wondering how to recored your desktop activity as animated gif, don't worry i ahve a great soloution for you.

Record Screen as Animatef Gif Images with LicaCap

Just visit and download LicaCap. It is one of great tool to create animated gif. it is very simple and easy to use. You can select screen area selectlocation to save file and just start typing or do whatever you want to do on your desktop and press Stop when you are finished.

Record Screen as Animatef Gif Images with GifCam

GifCam is another greta tool to record desktop activity as animated gif. You can download GifCam from

Here is  a demo image created with GifCam.

Created with GifCam

Hope this will be helpful for you.