How to change wordpress admin name with PHPMyAdmin in CPanel ?

When you install wordpress by default wordpress assigns admin as user name to log in to wordpress dashboard. If you dont like it and want to change it but don’t know how to change wordpress admin user name continue reading, it is little bit difficult for new wordpress usres because you will have to make some  changes in database, that may cause big problem including loss all your data if you don’t be carefull, so please back up your database first, and than make changes.
I am using CPanel and and use phpmyadmin to access my wordpress database, so here is the instructions how to access wordpress database in CPanel and make changes in  wordpress database using phpmyadmin.

  1.  First of all log in to your CPanel control panel.
  2. Click on phpmyadmin link in Database section. New phpmyadmin page will open click on your database name from the right sidebar you will see a list of all wordpress database tables,
  3.  Select wp_users table and click on browse, that will bring all the record listed in tables.
  4.  Select Admin and click Edit to change your admin name to your desired name.
  5.  Now you will see name Admin under the field name user_login just change admin with your desird name here.
  6. 6. Click on Go button to Save your changes.

Now go to your wordpress log in page and try to log in with Admin
and password, you will see an error it means your changes are saved now log in with your new user name and you will see your wordpress dashboard.

Note :
Before making these changes must back up your wordpress databaseother wise you may lost all you data.
It is a good decision to install wordpress on sub domain or sub directory for testing purpose and always try new tricks to your test instalation before making any changes to your live site.