Netman - Screen Sharing

As a great assistant to office work, Netman can work without
installation, so it is a user-friendly and absolutely safe remote control
freeware. It is Nat accessible which enables you to remotely
control any PC anywhere on the Internet. By entering another
computer's IP and password that appears on the software, you can
connect to partner's desktop instantly.

Netman provides functions of having computers started and shut down remotely,
desktop sharing (with screen recording), mouse and keyboard
remote controlling, instant text messaging & video chatting (you
can also make a video record), files transferring/modifying, etc.
You can also switch sides with a partner and show your own
desktop to them.


Screen Sharing
You can view partner's screen, control his mouse and keyboard, take pictures and record activities of the screen. What¡¯s more, you can also switch over to let your partner control your computer¡­ fast controlling speed and smooth pictures transformation will offer you a wonderful experience of remote access.

Files Management
With this function you can remotely upload and download files. modify file name, create new folders, delete files. Therefore, you won¡¯t need to rush back and forth for the files left behind and then your work efficiency will be considerablly improved.

Video Conversation
¡¡¡¡With this function you can remotely turn on the partner¡¯s camera and conduct a range of operations as video chat, text chat, video record and video monitoring.

Remote start/shutdown
¡¡¡¡With Netman Computer Starter (hardware), the only thing you need to do is to dial the phone that is next to this computer then you can start the computer remotely. If you¡¯ve already installed Netman software in it, then you can get access to it and manage it.

File Size: 691 KB
License: Free
Minimum Requirement:
Windows (All)

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