Tip 9 : Uncover Windows XP's built-in image resizing utility

2. Uncover Windows XP's built-in image
resizing utility

If you've ever had to resize a group of digital picture
files, you've likely launched your image editing
program and then resized each image individuallythis
is an extremely time-consuming task. Windows
XP has a built-in image resizing utility buried inside
the Send Pictures via E-Mail dialog box that can
quickly and easily resize a large group of digital
picture files at once. Follow these steps:
1. Press [Windows]E to launch Windows Explorer.
2. Make sure the Tasks pane is visible. (The Folders
button acts like a toggle switch. If the Tree pane is
showing, clicking the Folders button will display the
Tasks pane. Click the Folders button if the Tree pane
is showing.)
3. Open the folder containing the group of digital
pictures you want to resize. Select the group.
4. Under the File and Folder Task list, choose EMail
the Selected Items.
5. When you see the Send Pictures via E-Mail
dialog box, click Show More Options to expand the
dialog box.
6. Select a radio button next to one of the available
sizes and click OK. A new mail message window
containing the resized digital pictures as attachments
will appear.
7. Pull down the File menu, select the Save
Attachments command, and save all the attachments
to a different folder.
8. Close the mail message window and click No in
the Save Changes dialog box.

Courtesy : @internet.info